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Youth Information



USA Wrestling Rules

For folkstyle competition, the National Federation of State High School Associations match scoring wrestling rules will be enforced, with USAW modifications to the Kids’ illegal hold rules. USA Wrestling rules governing ages, weights, and match time will take precedence where applicable. The previoulsy mentioned modifications are as follows: - Headgear is REQUIRED for wrestlers Schoolboy and younger - Mouth guards are not required for wrestlers (even wrestlers with braces) - Rest time in between matches is a minimum of 15 minutes - A match can be started when a wrestler does not have a coach - The three-quarter nelson with leg hook IS legal in USAW Folkstyle Events - The double arm bar with sit out is illegal for Schoolboy/girl age division and younger

Beginners/Novice Rules

USAOK Youth Wrestling Beginners/Novice

Parents, Coaches, Fans,

As we gear up for the launch of the USAOK Youth Wrestling League season, we wish to promote more discussion and awareness of the Novice division rules.  As an organization, USAOK will classify a wrestler as Beginners/Novice by meeting the following criteria:

6U – 4 Medals or less

8U – 6 Medals or less

10U – 8 Medals or less

12U – 10 Medals or less

AND/OR TWO(2) years of competing in Beginners/Novice

-It counts as a medal won if the bracket has 6 or more wrestlers, regardless of combined bracket or not. 
-If a Beginner/Novice Wrestler wins Beginners/Novice State they must move to Open Division.
-If a Beginner/Novice Wrestler places in an Open Tournament in a bracket with 6 or more wrestlers before their medal count is met they will not be allowed back in the Beginners/Novice Division.
-If a Novice (Beginner) Wrestler places at a national tournament with six(6) or more wrestlers, they must move to Open Division.

Upon completion of obtaining the maximum medal count as a Beginner / Novice Wrestler, in any division, a wrestler must progress and promote to the next level of competition, the Open Division, and wrestle his / her division that is designated for their age group or an older division, if that wrestler chooses to do so. 

A wrestler is not allowed to continue to wrestle in the Beginner Division at a Division Level and obtain the maximum medal count and then proceed to the next division with a new medal count. I.e wrestler Beginner D1 and obtain the maximum medal count to move to the Open Division and then move to Beginner D2 and wrestle until that wrestler meets the maximum medal count, etc.

In addition, any wrestler who begins the season as a qualified Beginner/Novice will be eligible to compete in the State Championship in the Beginner/Novice division.  Athletes who excel quickly and ‘move up’ to the open division will remain eligible to compete and can expect to be rewarded for their advancements.

With this in mind, the current graduated medal count has the intention of keeping the Beginner/Novice division as a spring board for advancement.  It will above all safeguard inexperienced wrestlers from negative first experiences, and promote an environment in which basic skills can be rewarded.  We wish for the Beginner/Novice division to be a launch pad, not a destination.

Because the approach outlined will create a faster migration to the open level, advancing wrestlers will  find a ‘smoother’ transition to open tournaments.  Top advancing Beginners/Novices will continue to be challenged by greater competition while at the same time competing with other advancing Novices. 

Keep in mind entry into ‘The toughest Sport on Earth’ is never easy, and there is no perfect scenario.   In the beginning, USAOK’s Youth Wrestling League (YWL) will rely heavily on the integrity of our coaches and parents to help us build the best possible experience for our youth wrestlers in the Beginner/Novice division.    We will dutifully track medals to the best of our ability with your help and put in place technology as quickly as possible.  Keep in touch with any directors, coaches and members about your concerns and ideas.


Thank You,

USAOK Youth Wrestling League