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123 National Team Members Place at OSSAA State

By Matthew R. Stevens, 02/28/17, 6:00PM CST


This past weekend was a showcase of young talent from across the state of Oklahoma when the best of the best competed in the OSSAA High School State Wrestling Championships at the vintage yet traditional OKC Fair Grounds Arena.

With that being said lets get to the numbers.  Now what we have done here is compile athletes that have competed for OKUSA Outlaws at the national level that being Schoolboys, Cadets or Juniors and broke down by class the numbers of champs and placers, let me say this is pretty interesting.

Well the overall numbers came out like this with 45 out of 56 Oklahoma State champs being from the OKUSA blood, while 78 of 168 placers have downed that ever coveted Outlaw singlet.  This is interesting when you look at percentages. One number I will throw at you is 80!! Yes 80% of Oklahoma state champs were OK National Team members not to mention 2 undefeated 4 timers (Fix and Gfeller), a handful of 3 timers (Filippo and Taylor to name a few) and numerous 2 time and inaugural champs.

By class the breakdown looks like this 6A had the most Outlaw all around placers with 41 but 5A had the most champs with 13.

 By The Numbers Breakdown:

6A - 11 Champs/30 Placers

5A - 13 Champs/17 Placers

4A - 10 Champs/19 Placers

3A - 11 Champs/12 Placers

OK I know many of you are asking what does this mean? 

It means exactly this over 50% of the hardware handed out at this years High School State tournament was to people that have been part of a great tradition in Oklahoma, the OKUSA National Team.  I know with so much going on we tend to forget that 122 athletes went to the biggest tournament in the land last summer, Fargo, bearing that Outlaw pride.

So what I'm saying is look at the numbers 80% of champs and 123 medals with 122 athletes competing at Fargo Nationals, its easy summer wrestling does make winter champs.

I know the staff at OKUSA look forward to continuing this trend of exceptional athletes and hope to have a great summer bringing home yet another national championship.