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    Outlaws place 4th in Freestyle at Junior Duals

    06/25/2017, 8:00pm CDT
    By abernard

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    Oklahoma Wins Pool Play

    06/23/2017, 4:15pm CDT
    By Matthew R. Stevens

    The outlaws win there pool with a win over New Jersey.  Oklahoma with a 7 match in a row run from 113 to 152 to win the dual 47-18.

    Oklahoma will be wrestling Michigan in the gold and silver pool this evening.



    Oklahoma Outlaws go 2-0 in Morning Session

    06/23/2017, 1:15pm CDT
    By Matthew R. Stevens

    Oklahoma starts off the morning with a bang out scoring there opponents by 110 points.  Oklahoma started off the day with a 70-2 victory over North Dakota and then a 53-11 over Nebraska.

    They will be wrestling New Jersey in the Pool Finals at 1:30pm. 

    Oklahoma blue had 2 tough losses early on but will be competing more through out the weekend.


    Outlaw Greco Take 6th at Junior Duals

    06/22/2017, 6:15pm CDT
    By Matthew R. Stevens

    Oklahoma Outlaws take 6th after a couple tough losses to Minnesota and Ohio.  Oklahoma barley losses with both duals ending with less than a 5 point difference.  

    Outlaws will be back in action tomorrow morning at 9am you can see the bracket at

    Oklahoma Goes 1 - 1 in Morning Session of Gold Pool

    06/22/2017, 12:00pm CDT
    By Matthew R. Stevens

    Despite a tough loss to Kansas 29-33 the Outlaws bounce back with a commanding 52-16 win over Tennessee.  Even with the early loss there were some standout performances for the day with Brik Filippo, Dan Baker, Reece Witcraft and Montana Phillips all with no losses.

    The Outlaws will be starting back at 1:00pm with the last match of their pool against Minnesota prior to the placing matches later this afternoon.  You can follow all the action at Track Wrestling or on our Twitter @okusawrestling.  We will be keeping all action as live as possible.


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