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Sperry Open, Glenpool Tournament, Harrah Panther Classic Novice, Ted Anderson Open Registration Deadline


    OKUSA News

    Novemvber 19th Tournaments Fast Approaching

    11/15/2016, 12:15pm CST
    By Matthew R. Stevens

    This weekend brings three tournaments to the OKUSA YWL age groups.

    Team NEO Tournament that will be hosted at Union High School

    Kingfisher Open/Novice will be held at Kingfisher High School

    Battle of the Ring that will be held at Lawton Mac High School

    Please find registrations on and Flyers on the youth tab of


    November 12th Registrations Are Open

    11/07/2016, 11:30am CST
    By Matthew R. Stevens

    Tournaments for this weekend are set and registrations are open. (Check the online Schedule for links)

    Cleveland is hosting a Novice tournament, Catoosa is hosting for the open on the east side of the state.

    Deer Creek will be hosting a Novice and Open division tournament for the west side of the state.

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    2016 Fargo ND National Wrestling Tournament

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    Treasurer: Travis Williams

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    Junior Director: Wes Ruth

    Cadet Director: Kelly Henderson

    Schoolboy Director: Chris Forbes

    UWW Age Group Rep: Derek Fix

    Media Director: Austin Bernard

    Referee Rep: Jerry Kuntz

    President OWCA: Larry James

    Membership Director: Christina Young

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    At Large Member #4: Jeff Hale

    OK USA YWL Directors and Staff

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    OKUSA YWL West Director
    Steven Schmidt -
    OKUSA YWL West Representative
    OKUSA YWL East Director
    Kerry Wilson -
    OKUSA YWL East Representative.
    Elmer Cobb -
    OKUSA YWL North Director
    Kasey Simpson -
    OKUSA YWL North Representative
    David Ritter -
    OKUSA YWL South Director 
    Shawn Bateman -
    OKUSA YWL South Representative
    Membership Director: Christina Young